About the Club

It’s fun to play solo, but it’s the best to play with a bunch of rad people, and the PPC is a club that welcomes beginners and folks who are new to the scene.

Our members range from brand new players to tournament regulars, so whether you’re out for some good competition or just a low key time with your pals, we’ve got you covered.

Where We Play

We meet at Barcade in Fishtown on Monday nights at 7:30pm (check the schedule for dates).

The best way to get there is via SEPTA — Barcade is a block away from the Girard Station stop on the Market-Frankford Line.

If you’re driving, street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood.

How To Join

Show up for a meetup!

Come find us in the back at one of the tables near the pinball machines. There will be a sign-up sheet and someone who can give you the lowdown on how everything works.

No Commitments Required

Whether you’re dropping in as a guest, playing a few nights during the season, or coming out every week, the PPC accommodates. All we ask is for club dues if you decide to join us more than once per season.


Club dues for the season are $20, but guests and new folks always play for free their first night (aside from the cost of the games).

We play 4 games each night, most of which cost $0.75, so plan to spend around $3.00 once we get started. Barcade’s stocked with change machines and the games take both tokens and quarters.

How It Works

Our meeting schedule is seasonal, and each season lasts for 8 weeks. After Week 8 we hold a big final tournament where we give out cash for the top finishers and ridiculous prizes for everyone. 


Each meeting follows a Match Play format, where players compete against one another in groups of 4. You'll be randomly grouped with 3 other people for the night, and your group will play a series of 4 games together.

Your goal for each game is to beat as many of your group members as possible. In this format, we don't record any actual game scores — instead, you'll earn points based on where you finish in each game (1st through 4th). We'll use those points to calculate your position in the season's standings, which ultimately determines your seed position in the finals.


Be cool. As a member, this club belongs to you. Take care of yourself, each other, and our locations.

The PPC welcomes people of all types provided they share our common values of mutual respect, kindness, and encouragement. All PPC members abide by a Code of Conduct that can be found here.

Season meetings are run according to a standard set of competition rules that are outlined in detail here.

If you've never played competitively (or never played Match Play format), the best thing you can do is show up! We'll always review the rules for any new folks before we get started, and you'll be paired with other members that will be happy to show you the ropes. By the end of the night you'll have the whole thing down.

Final Tournament

If you’ve paid dues and played at least once during the regular season, you’re automatically qualified for the final tournament.

We usually run the finals in a knockout format, which means you’ll play a bunch of games in pre-seeded groups (according to the season’s standings) and earn strikes for any losses. Reaching a certain amount of strikes knocks you out of the tournament.

Throughout the night there are side challenges, door prizes, and sponsor swag, and winners take home cash and killer prizes.

We'll send out more details as the finals draw closer, but rest assured — it's the raddest night of the season and not one to miss!

Mailing List

The best place to keep up with the PPC is on our mailing list. During the season we'll send out an email every week with reminders, updates, and announcements, so if you're looking to stay in the know, this is the place to be.