PPC organizers will show up at 7:30pm on meetup nights to get set up and sign folks in.

At 8pm sharp we’ll draw groups for the night. We do this with a fancy computer system that makes adding last-minute stragglers a whole thing, so don’t be late!

We can’t guarantee spots for latecomers, and even if we manage to fit you in, you might need to take a loss on in-progress games, so just be a pal and show up on time will ya?

2022 Fall Season

  1. Week 1

    October 17th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  2. Week 2

    October 24th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  3. Week 3

    October 31st at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  4. Week 4

    November 7th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  5. Week 5

    November 14th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  6. Week 6

    November 21st at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  7. Week 7

    November 28th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  8. Week 8

    December 5th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

  9. Finals

    December 12th at Barcade in Fishtown, 7:30pm

For New Players

Come find us in the back at one of the tables near the pinball machines. There will be a sign-up sheet and someone who can give you the lowdown on how everything works.

You’ll need to cover the cost of the games you play. We play 4 games each night, most of which cost $0.75, so plan to spend around $3.00 once we get started. The machines take both quarters and tokens, and Barcade’s replete with change machines.

Guests and new folks always play free their first night (aside from the cost of games)!

If you decide you want to join up, club dues are $20 for the season, and we use the cash for expenses and prizes in the finals.

How to Get There

The best way is via SEPTA — Barcade is a block away from the Girard Station stop on the Market-Frankford Line.

If you’re driving, street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood. It’s not the greatest, but Monday nights aren’t too bad, and you can usually find something within a few blocks.

Mailing List

The best place to keep up with the PPC is on our mailing list. During the season we'll send out an email every week with reminders, updates, and announcements, so if you're looking to stay in the know, this is the place to be.